6 Fertility Facts

If you’re trying to conceive and not falling pregnant, here is some information that may assist you:

When are you most fertile during your menstrual cycle?

6 days in each cycle; 5days before ovulation and day of ovulation.

When is the semen quality at its optimum level?

After two to three days of ejaculatory abstinence; longer intervals are associated with lower pregnancy rates.

Is orgasm during sexual intercourse necessary for conception occur?

No, it’s not necessary and neither does the position of how intercourse occurs affect the chance of conception.

Does the use of lubricant affect the chance of pregnancy?

There is no definite effect, but it is better to use oils base lubricant eg canola or olive oil.

Does my chance of falling pregnant decrease as I get older?

Yes most definitely. The number of eggs in the ovary declines over time, the quality of eggs also declines and eventually reaches a critical threshold below which pregnancy is no longer possible. The decline, on average, begins at age 35.

What is fertility preservation?

Fertility preservation is a method of preserving eggs and embryos that allows women to delay their childbearing time to a time that suits them best. This includes freezing eggs or embryos CRYOPRESERVATION OF OOCYTES and EMBRYO CRYOPRESERVATION

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